a little primer makes a difference

I know there are a lot of beauty bloggers who are not so into using a primer on your face before you apply your makeup, but i preach it!

Not any primer is good however. Products like PrimeTime by Bare Minerals and Prep and Prime by MAC work like a charm, BUT they can also make you break out pretty badly even if you only use it for one day. If you have skin like mine that is very sensitive and doesn’t take much to irritate it i do not recommend the above mentioned primers.


This is my Holy Grail Primer. Benefit has a few killer products but this one is my all time favorite. Not only does it neutralize the redness caused by using a face scrub or left over acne marks from an earlier break out, but it also has the least amount of acne causing ingredients i have been so lucky to find. Cosdna has this one listed as the least harmful to your skin using it everyday.

If there is a day i am looking for a little more coverage for an especially red face i will mix this primer with NYX’s CC Cream in Green (at Ulta an Sephora) to really give myself a nice canvas for my makeup. Green is notorious for canceling out redness BTW and is completely magical.

Again this is a very expensive primer (~$30) , but the big bottle is on sale often and it lasts me about four months which is far longer then PrimeTime ever did.



helping you to help your skin

So at some point i will get down to the nitty gritty of my skin regime, but for now i just wanted to aide people in a great way to learn about your make up and the ingredients they use!

This site i use religiously called cosdna.com is a place that you can input any makeup, beauty, lotion, cleansing products you could think of and get an automatic feedback of each ingredient and how it will effect your skin overall.

Each ingredient tells whether it is an acne causing irritant as well as the actual safety of the ingredient for your skin. This can seriously make or break your acne progress!capturecos

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

This particular product has been so hyped up in the last year so finally i had to break down and try it!

So first off the packaging is so beautiful. It just screamed sophisticated lady at me so i basically had no choice but to snatch one up.

I generally would not choose a brush like the one they use so i was seriously weary of how i would like it.

First coat went on perfectly. No clumping and already better then the Maybelline or Covergirl when it comes to coating the lash with the intense black. Second coat was game over. My lashes did not clump at all and were instantly right where i wanted them to be!  I notice this brush is really good at getting into the sometimes forgotten corners of the eye and it really makes all the difference.


This product is anywhere from 20-25 for the full size tube, which is pretty spendy, but i definitely think the large tube will last me quite some time!