Limelight Foundation

Okay so it has been a while since i have blogged, but i have something exciting to share!

I recently made the switch from my beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation to my new love Limelight by Alcone Botanical Foundation!

So a few key things about my skin. I have Combo/Oily most of the time, and it is extremely prone to breakouts. It has been a disaster over the past year, but mostly just scarring that refuses to lighten up. You can see the scarring in my before photo in the cover of this post.

My skin routine will be up in a few days, but back to this new obsession…

Alcone is mostly known for their makeup on movie stars and musicians, but recently is gunning for a more population based brand. Meaning the public is now in on their secrets and amazing products.

Key things about this foundation are:

  • It is wax based (say what never heard of it!) so instead of water or oils it is wax. This sounds weird but i think it is wonderful because it really gives the skin more of an overall uniform look. No blotchiness like powder foundations or some color catching in wrinkles or on the cheek bones like a lot of matte foundations do. It stays in place better then liquid as well.
  • This foundation is 50 percent pigment. That is at least twice as much in any other common foundations (ie. fit me, NARS, Makeup Forever, etc). Therefore, it takes so much less product to cover so much more surface of the skin.
  • It has a totally new consistency. (You will be able to see this in the photo below). It is best applied with a brush or sponge after warming it wither in the pan or on the back of your hand!found
  • I personally like to use my IT Cosmetics foundation buffer brush just because it is what i am used to and i feel it is better for a full coverage look.

So ultimately this foundation has taken over my life and i have been wearing it everyday! It looks soooo natural which is something i am always worried about for a day to day wear.

Here is my Youtube Video of applying the foundation (i am currently working on the quality of the video so hang in there with me!)  :

Here is a link to purchase if you want to try it out!