beginning a new hobby

I find myself searching endlessly on the web for reviews of beauty products, tutorials on a cut crease look, swatches of the newest shades of eyeshadow, or beauty blogs in general.

So i figure why not do it myself, especially when i own the products already and can give honest reviews!


Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

This particular product has been so hyped up in the last year so finally i had to break down and try it!

So first off the packaging is so beautiful. It just screamed sophisticated lady at me so i basically had no choice but to snatch one up.

I generally would not choose a brush like the one they use so i was seriously weary of how i would like it.

First coat went on perfectly. No clumping and already better then the Maybelline or Covergirl when it comes to coating the lash with the intense black. Second coat was game over. My lashes did not clump at all and were instantly right where i wanted them to be!  I notice this brush is really good at getting into the sometimes forgotten corners of the eye and it really makes all the difference.


This product is anywhere from 20-25 for the full size tube, which is pretty spendy, but i definitely think the large tube will last me quite some time!